Sacred Memories of Mom and Dad...


The painting was so vivid I felt my parents were talking to me through their eyes, and me talking to them. I started to cry because that painting just took me back in time flooding me with memories that were so vivid. My mom is still living but my Dad has been dead for 8 years. I thank them for raising me and giving me a good life. I So many memories that I would not think of on a daily basis. Art is amazing!

Thank you, Temi for your good heart and your God giving talent. You have blessed me tremendously with your gift. May God continue to bless you to bless others. I love you my Christian sister in Christ !”

--------Kimberly Eleanor Pena, Dothan, AL.

My Wife’s Childhood Home... (commission)

“My wife and her brothers loved the art piece.”

- Mr. D. Mitchell, Dothan, AL.

Speak to me...

"When I saw "ROOTS" for the first time, it immediately caught my attention. Although, I love the colors, there was something deeper about this piece that spoke to my heart. After reading the description, I knew I had to have it. Too bad you had sold the original, but I'm happy I could get the print on a canvas sheet shipped to me in the UK for my bedroom. I'll just have it framed locally. I must admit, when I took the painting out the tube and spread it out, it blew me away! It's so beautiful! Very beautiful! Now, I'm debating whether to hang it in my living-room. Thank you Temi. This piece was made for me and I plan on buying more of your paintings for my home. What a wonderful birthday gift to myself. As soon as I receive the framed artwork, I'll send you a picture.

- Dr. Y. Oluwole, United Kingdom

A New Addition To Our Home...

“My wife and I were happy to receive Glaciers in Paradise I & II for our new home. We had been searching for something to put on the wall in the guest living room. We were really impressed with the quality of the canvas prints because they look like originals! We love how you used the colors to create the different patterns. They're the perfect piece for our special space. Thank you!

- Mr. W. Olatubi, Birmingham, AL.

A Mother’s Special Gift...


“I want to thank you for bringing a deeply profound spiritual encounter my son experienced to art.

It touched him in a powerful way and I just weep at the beauty of that moment. You captured a piece of The Lord’s heart with those images. It's a present my son will never forget, nor will I.

Thank you Temi from the bottom of our hearts.”

---- R. Jones, Dothan, AL.

"Temi has an incredible ability to listen deeply and offer practical and profound insights. I've learned so much from her and am forever grateful."

------ DeAnna S. (Montgomery, AL)

"Temi's methodology was a game-changer for me in just six weeks. As a physician with a busy career and a family, I've struggled with work-life balance for years. However, Temi has helped me gain better control over my schedule and prioritize self-care in ways that work best for me. Her original artwork is a daily reminder of how beautiful life can be, and it's incredibly calming and uplifting. I highly recommend Temi to anyone looking to improve their work-life balance and well-being. Her unique combination of coaching and artistry is truly transformative, and I'm so grateful for her positive impact on my life."

------- Dr. Deslyn O. (Atlanta, GA)

"The virtual workshop on stress Management for Christians held on Saturday May 6, 2023 organized by the women of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Restoration Chapel, San Antonio and taught By Temi Ayodeji was educative and inspiring. The life experiences narrated to support the teaching though touching but was thrilling. The turnout was great. People joined from outside Texas and from outside the country. They all unanimously commented that they were blessed. People were so grateful to be under the teaching and they are looking forward to another session of the program very soon. Generally, we salute your ingenuity and resourcefulness. Thanks for your selfless services to humanity."

------- Pastor Bimpe Okanlawo

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Restoration Chapel, San Antonio, TX.

"The Stress management workshop with Temi Ayodeji was a very unique experience for all of us that attended. Lots of attestation to the excellent presentation from within USA, UK & Australia to be precise. The true life practical experience shared are inspiring and engaging. Temi is truly divinely talented and prepared to help others. The information received are powerful , priceless & practicable. She left us with a great mindset that we can choose to reduce stress regardless of what happens. So grateful to have spent time with a gifted woman of substance. God bless you."

------ Pastor (Mrs.) Victoria Okanlawon
The Redeemed Christian Church of GodRestoration Chapel, San Antonio, TX.

Oh my goodness Temi, I finally received “REUNITE” today! It’s so beautiful seeing it in-person. It gives me the chills. The details, colors, and movement of the colors are all so beautiful. I can’t wait to hang it up and share it with my family. Thank you!

- Charlie Potter, Dothan, AL

"It's so obvious that you really put a lot of thought into your work..."

- Patron, MCCC, Dothan, AL

"Your paintings are calming...”

-Patron, Mural City Coffee Company, Dothan, AL.


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