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Welcome to LifeShift – A sanctuary where science meets serenity.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of being a healthcare spouse? Discover how LifeShift can transform your life. "LifeShift" is a comprehensive program designed to assist spouses of healthcare professionals in achieving a life of reduced stress, enhanced well-being, and a harmonious balance between personal aspirations and family responsibilities.

This exclusive journey uniquely caters to their needs, combining innovative, science-based techniques with actionable strategies for managing challenges effectively. It's not just about individual well-being; it's about fostering a more harmonious home environment for the entire family.

The Science Behind "LifeShift"

Every client in "LifeShift" receives a specially crafted 24x32 inch science-based stress-reducing giclee painting embedded with natural fractal patterns that have been scientifically proven to induce relaxation and reduce stress. Our collection of stress-reducing artwork goes beyond aesthetics; they serve a therapeutic purpose to promote a tranquil environment.

Pivotal studies, such as the one conducted by Dr. Richard Taylor from the University of Oregon in 2006 on 'Reduction of Physiological Stress Using Fractal Art and Architecture, ' revealed that exposure to fractal patterns in art and architecture reduced stress levels by as much as 60%.

In 2011, a study by Dr. Alice Hawkins from Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, on "Fractal Aesthetics as an Evolutionary Adaptation: An Account of Information Processing" revealed that viewing fractal patterns reduced stress due to the innate pleasure derived from their predictable unpredictability.

Ready to start your transformative journey with LifeShift?

Join us, and let's move forward together in creating a life where peace and purpose flourish.

Transformative Modules Enhanced by Art

'LifeShift' is structured around key challenges unique to healthcare spouses, with each module offering actionable strategies fortified by the therapeutic presence of art. From 'Running on Empty’ to ‘The Communication Breakdown,‘ each segment is crafted to bring you closer to balance and peace. Plus, the accompanying artwork is a constant source of calm and restoration as you explore techniques to manage stress and improve communication.

Explore our comprehensive modules, each addressing a key area of your life:

  • Running on Empty: Recharge your energy with custom techniques that fit your busy schedule.

  • Living a Lie: Discover your true self with guided exercises for profound self-reflection.

  • The Resentment Trap: Learn to release and transform resentment with communication strategies that foster deeper connections.

  • Feeling Invisible: Assert your presence effectively with skills tailored to enhance your visibility and influence.

  • The Body-Mind Disconnect: Harmonize your physical and mental health with integrative practices that soothe and rejuvenate.

  • The Communication Breakdown: Master the art of conversation with tools that will rebuild and strengthen your family dynamics.


"Temi's methodology was a game-changer for me in just six weeks," says Dr. Deslyn O. from Atlanta, GA. "As a physician with a busy career and a family, I've struggled with work-life balance for years. However, Temi has helped me gain better control over my schedule and prioritize self-care in ways that work best for me. Her original artwork is a daily reminder of how beautiful life can be, and it's incredibly calming and uplifting. I highly recommend Temi to anyone looking to improve their work-life balance and well-being. Her unique combination of coaching and artistry is truly transformative, and I'm so grateful for her positive impact on my life."

Why Choose LifeShift

A Unique Blend of Empathy and Expertise:

Created by Temi Ayodeji, a stress-reduction artist and wellness advocate, LifeShift is more than a program—it's a pathway to empowerment. With over two decades as a healthcare provider and a personal journey intertwined with the challenges of healthcare family life, Temi brings empathy, expertise, and effective strategies to every aspect of LifeShift. Join us to rediscover joy, embrace self-love, and cultivate a life where personal fulfillment and family harmony flourish.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that blends art, science, and wellness into one powerful experience?


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