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Welcome to Temi Ayodeji's video library of resources for enhancing your well-being and managing stress. Our collection includes stress management videos, wellness, and autism parenting podcasts that offer valuable insights and practical techniques to improve your emotional health.

What to Do During Major Events (1)

What to Do During Major Events (2)

What to Do During Major Events (3)

Tech-Based Stress

Reduce Stress from Driving

Creating a Stress Log System

Recording Events

Analyzing your Stress Log

Creating New Habits

Reviewing & Evaluating your Stress Log

Podcast: Raising a Child with Autism

Why I use Red & Pink

Why I use Green & Blue

Why I use Orange & Yellow

Why I use Black, White, & Purple

Close-up of "Pethora"


Close-Up of "Riches"


Close-Up of "Bountiful"


Close-Up of "Dame En Or" (Lady in Gold)

Close-Up of "Mon Amour"

(My Love)

Close-Up of "Tunnels"


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